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Congratulations to Taronga Zoo on 100 Years

Taronga Zoo is celebrating 100 years since opening, and they came to us at Australian Printed Ribbon for help with the Opening Ceremony of their Centenary celebrations.

The requirements for us were straightforward – to supply beautifully printed ceremonial ribbon highlighting the logos of Taronga Zoo and their Centenary partner, ANZ Australia, for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Easy!

There was some concern about what would happen on the day, though, due to the potential unpredictability of one of the most important dignitaries.

But in the end, Mr Munro, a rescued Fiordland Penguin, turned up ready for the occasion in his best suit and was a perfect (and very proud) gentleman.

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo – Rick Stevens

Fiordland Crested Penguin are listed as a ‘vulnerable’ species and are only found in rainforests of New Zealand’s Fiordland and Stewart Islands. One of the smallest of the penguin family, the Fiordland Penguin has a distinctive appearance due to its sulphur-coloured crest and stubby orange bill.

Munro, who is named after Munro Beach in New Zealand, came to Taronga Zoo in 2006 after he washed up on the Central Coast of NSW suffering from malnutrition after an epic 2,000km swim across the sub-Antarctic waters.

Munro loves his morning stroll through the Zoo grounds interacting with visitors and helping raise awareness of the threats to his species. He’s also involved in Taronga Zoo’s Access Days when the zoo opens early to visitors on the autism spectrum and their carers/families.

You can read more about this star on the Taronga Zoo website.

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