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Custom Printed Satin Ribbon

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Satin ribbon is the most popular type of ribbon used for corporate branding and retail and e-commerce packaging thanks to our range of fabulous colours, a low minimum order of only 100m and fast turnaround (only a week!). We custom print your logo or business brand on satin ribbon right here in Melbourne, so you can be confident in the quality and attention to detail you will receive.

There are two popular types of satin ribbon to choose from, and your choice will depend on the finish you’re after and what you’ll be using your ribbon for. Both options are premium quality, European satin. If you’re interested in Recycled Satin Ribbon (another type of ribbon we offer and part of our sustainable ribbon range), you can find information here.

If you’re after traditional satin ribbon, with its luxury finish, soft handfeel, and woven edges, then we recommend:

Double Sided Woven Edged Satin Ribbon

In spite of its name, Double Sided Woven Edged Satin Ribbon is only printed on one side, but the finish is lustrous on both sides. It’s soft, durable, and the classiest of the satin ribbons thanks to its fine woven edge. Popular with upmarket brands and boutiques, it’s the most popular satin ribbon, cost effective, luxe, and beautiful. For online stores, this luxury printed ribbon creates a special unboxing experience, and it’s the perfect ribbon to personalise for presentations.
See our range of Double Sided Woven Edged Satin Ribbon colours here

Environmentally Friendly Single Sided Satin Ribbon

Another Satin Ribbon option is Single Sided Satin Ribbon. Part of our Sustainable Ribbon Range – it’s made from wood pulp – this environmentally friendly ribbon is the most popular with hamper companies, as the matt back and slightly stiffer feel makes working with wide ribbon a breeze and it holds bows beautifully. A little cheaper than Double Sided Woven Edged Satin Ribbon, it’s available in a wide range of great colours and makes a great custom branded retail ribbon.
See our range of Single Sided Satin Ribbon colours here

Printed Satin Ribbon Overview

  • Minimum Order: 1 x 100m roll

  • 1 or 2 colour print available

  • Colours: Over 20 standard ribbon and print colours – ask us for free samples of the colours you’re interested in.

  • Widths: 7mm (only double sided satin), 10mm, 15mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm

  • Turn-around time: 5-7 business days after artwork approval.

All of our ribbon comes from Europe and is the best quality you can buy in Australia. It’s printed right here in Melbourne!

Product Enquiry / Order

Double Sided Satin Colour Range

Please ask us for FREE printed satin ribbon samples of what you need. This is the best way to understand the product if you are not a regular user.

BlackClose to PMS Black
WhiteClose to PMS White
CreamClose to PMS 155
Soft PinkClose to PMS 1765
Hot PinkClose to PMS 233
Steel GreyClose to PMS 435
Silver CoinClose to PMS 420
DenimClose to PMS 284
TealClose to PMS 314
RoyalClose to PMS 287
NavyClose to PMS 282
PinkClose to PMS 218
YellowClose to PMS 115
OrangeClose to PMS 021C
PurpleClose to PMS 2695
RedClose to PMS 185
ClaretClose to PMS 216
MossClose to PMS 384
KiwiClose to PMS 376
GrassClose to PMS 347
BottleClose to PMS 3305
Espresso/BrownClose to PMS 1545
GoldClose to PMS 871
CharcoalClose to PMS 432
Process BlueClose to PMS Process Blue
CyanClose to PMS Process Cyan
Deep TealClose to PMS 323Double Sided Satin Ribbon Deep Teal

Single Sided Satin Colour Range

Please ask us for FREE printed satin ribbon samples of what you need. This is the best way to understand the product if you are not a regular user.

BlackClose to PMS BlackSingle Sided Satin Ribbon Black
WhiteClose to PMS WhiteSingle Sided Satin Ribbon White
CreamClose to PMS 7401Single Sided Satin Ribbon Cream
Soft PinkClose to PMS 1765Single Sided Satin Ribbon Soft Pink
Hot PinkClose to PMS 233Single Sided Satin Ribbon Hot Pink
Silver GreyClose to PMS 434Single Sided Satin Ribbon Silver Grey
Beau BlueClose to PMS 277
AquaClose to PMS 313
RoyalClose to PMS 287Single Sided Satin Ribbon Royal
NavyClose to PMS 282Single Sided Satin Ribbon Navy
YellowClose to PMS 115Single Sided Satin Ribbon Yellow
OrangeClose to PMS 021CSingle Sided Satin Ribbon Orange
PurpleClose to PMS Violet CSingle Sided Satin Ribbon Cream Purple
RedClose to PMS 185Single Sided Satin Ribbon Red
ClaretClose to PMS 216Single Sided Satin Ribbon Claret
KiwiClose to PMS 376Single Sided Satin Ribbon Kiwi
GrassClose to PMS 347Single Sided Satin Ribbon Grass
BottleClose to PMS 3305Single Sided Satin Ribbon Bottle
BrownClose to PMS 1545Single Sided Satin Ribbon Espresso
Deep YellowClose to PMS 137Single Sided Satin Ribbon Deep Yellow
CharcoalClose to PMS 431Single Sided Satin Ribbon Charcoal
BambooClose to PMS 7510Single Sided Satin Ribbon Bamboo
Standard Print Colours
Colour PMS Reference
Black Black
White White
Metallic Gold Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver Metallic Silver
Metallic Copper Metallic Copper
Metallic Rose Gold Metallic Rose Gold
Metallic Red PMS 185
Metallic Hot Pink PMS 233
Red PMS 185
Navy PMS 282
Dark Blue PMS 288
Royal PMS 286
Aqua PMS 298
Orange PMS 021
Creme 7402
Burgundy PMS 216
Green PMS 347
Chocolate PMS 1545
Purple PMS 2627
Yellow PMS 116
Mid Pink PMS 223
Grey Cool Grey 8

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If you’d like us to send you a free sample ribbon, so that you can get a better understanding of your desired product if you are not a regular user, simply click the button and let us know what you’d like to see.

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