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For car dealerships looking to stand out among the competition, having access to a supply of oversized car bows can be a smart marketing decision. As Australia’s leading printed ribbon specialist, we can provide your dealership with the giant, eye-catching velvet bows you need to display cars on sale or even surprise a buyer when they come to pick up their vehicle for an enhanced customer delivery experience.

A vivid red car bow makes a wonderful addition to any vehicle, is easily assembled and is available in medium and large sizes. Our medium sized car bows are 95 centimetres across, whereas our larger bows measure a full 130 centimetres across.

And with minimum orders of just two bows, you’re welcome to try out these car bows at your dealership to see first-hand what a difference they can make for your client experience. Depending on how you use them, they’re also reusable! Many dealerships, for example, often keep several bows on-hand to place on promotional vehicles in their showrooms.

Make your dealership the talk of the town by incorporating fun and eye-catching car bows into your marketing plan. You can order your quality car bows from Australia Printed Ribbon today!


  • Medium 95cm bow – $165 plus GST per Giant Velvet Bow (minimum order of 2 bows).
  • Large 130cm bow – $190 plus GST per Giant Velvet Bow (minimum order of 2 bows).

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