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How to submit your logo or artwork

  • printed ribbon artwork

All artwork should be emailed to sales@australianprintedribbon.com.au. Please forward any previous email correspondence with your artwork, so we have your details.

We need your logo/design in an editable vector format like Adobe EPS, AI or vector PDF (we can’t use JPG or PNG files). Your graphic designer will usually have supplied your logo in one of these formats. We need a vector file to create the production file we’ll use to make a metal printing plate etched with your logo. This printing plate is then used to print your logo on the ribbon. All parts of your logo should be be single layer, no outlines or overlapping, no double images, gradients or pen thicknesses for the best result when etching your printing plate.

Ideally your artwork should be supplied as black art on a white background, but if your file is an editable vector format, then we can usually change the colours without an issue.

If your logo or design contains text, make sure it’s been vectorised (ie in Adobe Illustrator you ‘outline’ the text to turn it into a vector image). This is because some fonts are only available to those who have them installed, and they can change to a placeholder font when the file is opened on another computer. Vectorising any text will prevent your font from changing.

How high resolution does my PDF file need to be?

Around 1MB is great. EPS files are commonly 500KB-1MB

Why do you prefer black artwork on white background if I want a different colour ribbon and print?

Your artwork is used to create a metal printing plate of your logo, so for a really crisp image we need the greatest contrast possible between your logo and the background, so we use black on white artwork to make the printing plate, even though that may not be the colourway we end up printing for you. If your file is an editable vector format, then we can usually change the colours without an issue. Just send through what you have if you’re not sure.

What do we send through if my ribbon is being printed with a two (or more) colour logo?

Send it through in black & white and colour versions. We will still need the sharpest edges for the printing plate, but we’ll print in your colours.

I don’t have a logo in a suitable format, or I want changes to my logo. What can I do?

For a small additional fee, our external graphic artist can recreate your logo, create a design for your ribbon based on specific elements or text, or make any changes to your logo you require.

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