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Shopify: Creating a Memorable Experience with Ecommerce Packaging

Shopify’s article on how ecommerce businesses can use packaging to create a memorable unboxing experience for their brands emphasised a lot of the points that have drawn business to our custom products for years.

As Shopify noted, “Repeat customers will spend more with your business, and investing in retention and loyalty marketing can move you off the acquisition treadmill where you’re always trying to find new customers.” Custom printed ribbon is an affordable and simple solution, ensuring your brand stays front of mind with consumers.

Your packaging shouldn’t just be about making the customer feel special, but should be an experience that connects them with your brand in a meaningful way. Custom printed ribbon and tissue is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to add both branding and a premium feel and to packaging.

Drive Conversions & Brand Recognition

custom printed tissue paper Shopify note that 40% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant with premium packaging. The simple addition of custom printed ribbon and thoughtful packaging will not only encourage customers to be loyal to your brand, but will translate into genuine, word of mouth recommendations and lasting social proof.

How your products are presented to your customer matters enormously, not only to provide a memorable brand experience and encourage repeat orders, but so your customers become ambassadors of your brand by sharing the experience their friends. With 40% of consumers likely to share enticing and ‘gifty’ packaging on social media, what’s more gifty than a large, luxurious satin bow!

Ecommerce Packing Solutions

Branded boxes may look great, but they’re expensive to produce in lower quantities and are more expensive to ship than satchels, leaving many businesses feeling like they have to sacrifice the attraction of a box for a less attractive satchel. Custom ribbon and tissue paper are cost effective and lightweight ways of adding that premium feel to a parcel without adding to the postage cost.

Many branded packaging elements are manufactured offshore and require large minimum orders. At Australian Printed Ribbon we can supply locally printed ribbon, small minimum orders, and fast turn around times, removing the need to tie up large amounts of capital or space to deliver a memorable brand experience.

In times like this, when demand for gifts, care packages and hampers that can be sent to family, friends, and colleagues has dramatically increased, it’s more important that every for your brand to stand out from the crowd and for your customers to remember your brand.

Get in touch to bring your brand to life in your packaging with custom printed ribbon or printed tissue paper.


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