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Thinking Christmas in July

In business, as in life, there’s no truer saying than “time flies!” And so it is we find ourselves in July braving chilly temperatures, donning our winter woollies and negotiating a new financial year.

It is also the time when those with a strong attachment to celebrating Christmas when it is snowing – or at the very least extremely cold outside – gather for a spot of mid-year festive fun known as Christmas in July.

Christmas in July certainly offers some promotional opportunities, but the July part also reminds us that we are well on our way to the more traditional Christmas celebrations of 25 December. July is an ideal time for businesses to consider Christmas branding and theming, especially beautiful printed ribbons which are an extremely cost-effective way to create a stunning and bespoke Christmas look.

We’ve been printing Christmas ribbons for our customers since 1992 – that’s a lot of festive ribbon! – and here are our top five ways to use custom printed ribbon for your Christmas promotions and campaigns.

Same print – different coloured ribbon

Our favourite Christmas option! Use your existing print design on a Christmas coloured ribbon – think the big four festive colours – red, green, gold or silver. This will send a message of brand continuity and festive flair. The Cannoli Box Company switched from their usual white and black branding to red and metallic silver for the Christmas season.

Same coloured ribbon – different coloured print

Use your existing coloured ribbon and change up the colour of the print for a festive feel. Metallics such as gold and silver work beautifully here but also consider a metallic red!

Vary ribbon type or width

Varying the width or type of ribbon can also create a seasonal look. For instance – if you normally use a 15mm ribbon you could consider using a 36mm width with a metallic print. And you don’t always have to go wider! Deploying a smaller width can often create a stylish look. Mixing up the ribbon type just for Christmas – maybe a grosgrain or cotton ribbon – can also send the message that something different and festive is afoot.

Tie in a solid festive coloured ribbon

A canny way to use your existing printed ribbon while creating a Christmas look is to tie in a plain ribbon in a traditional Christmas colour. You can place a solid coloured ribbon that is slightly wider than your printed ribbon together with your printed ribbon to create a layered look. You can also tie a festive coloured ribbon of the same width of your existing ribbon into a bow. This will look generous and festive at the same time.

Print a Christmas message

Last but by no means least – print a festive message on your usual coloured ribbon. This gives brand continuity with an obvious seasonal twist! The words Merry Christmas, Tis the Season, Happy Holidays or Merry and Bright spring to mind but you could always include a more specific Christmas message mentioning your company name. You can find some existing Christmas ribbon options here, too.

There are plenty of ideas to consider here! And the great thing is that our minimum order of 1 x 100m roll means you can introduce some Christmas fun to your ribbons without having to commit to a large quantity of product.

So whether you celebrate Christmas in July or whether you are thinking about Christmas in July, there’s no better place to start than with printed ribbons and no better time to start than now – because time flies! Call or email us now to find out more.

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