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Why local manufacture is best for our customers

Made in AustraliaAt Australian Printed Ribbon we are proud that our name actually means something – we actually physically print the majority of our customers’ ribbon right here in our Melbourne factory.
While ‘made in Australia’ is a nice catchphrase, it actually makes sense for us from a business perspective, not because it’s cheaper to print here (it’s not!), but because we can guarantee the result for our customers with highest quality control, and fast turnaround time.

We’re often approached by Chinese factories to take control of our production, but this is something we will never do. It may be a little cheaper, but they don’t use the same quality European ribbon so the printing results can be unreliable. Unfortunately, proceeding to print regardless of the suitability of the design for the result you’re after is common in offshore factories, and if something goes wrong it can’t be fixed in a hurry (in fact, it can take weeks for something to be reprinted).

When you work with us, you can actually speak to our staff in our Melbourne factory. If you’re need to place a rush order, or have a last minute change you need to make, you can talk to someone who can actually make it happen. One of the owners of the business will be involved in your order at some way along the track – Alex might mock up your artwork or schedule it in the production queue or even print your job himself!

Your ribbon might be printed by John – stickler for detail, and amazing cook (the leftovers he brings for lunch are amazing!) – he knows exactly how to calibrate a printing machine so that the best result is achieved, and has worked for us for decades.

We pride ourselves on having staff familiar with every step of the process, from pricing, artwork requirements, designing proofs, providing recommendations, to actually printing and shipping your ribbon. This is how we can guarantee the quality you can expect from us and know that we will work with you to achieve the result you expect. We can only offer these benefits to our customers when we keep as much of our production here in Australia as we do.

With current concerns about manufacturing delays in China, now is the perfect time to explore the advantages local Australian production can bring to your business. Get in touch with us if you’d like further information on our custom printed ribbon.

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