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Double Sided Satin Ribbon Steals the Show

There’s a reason satin ribbon sits atop the hierarchy of ribbons. Humans have always been inextricably drawn to rich, smooth fabrics that speak of luxury and style.

Ribbons are among the oldest of functional and decorative textiles and have been around since Neolithic times. They were used with increasing frequency during the Middle Ages and Renaissance but It was Louis XIV of France who turned ribbon – particularly satin ribbons – into a fashion obsession. Things really took off after the 17th century in Europe when, much to the dismay of traditional ribbon weavers, a loom was invented that could weave multiple ribbons at the one time.

Given that heritage, it is not surprising that Europe is still the epicentre of luxury ribbon making and there are now satin ribbon variations for every occasion and price point – from single sided to double sided, cut edge to woven edge in varying widths and fabulous colours.


We know from our clients and interest in our products at industry shows, that one of the most sought- after variations is double sided woven edged satin ribbon which is soft and shiny on both sides with a traditional small woven edge. There are numerous reasons for the popularity of double sided satin – we’ve chosen the top seven.

Beautiful European double sided satin gives a luxe feel and elevates a brand

It is perfect for presentation, packaging and branding and is remarkably cost effective for a premium product.

Double sided satin comes in a range of colours and prints like a dream

Logo and text can be printed in a range of colours including gold and silver. The ribbon itself and the print can even be matched to corporate PMS colours and while that takes a little longer and understandably has higher minimum quantities, it certainly does make an impact.


Double sided satin is the same on each side – smooth and rich

That means the printed side and the non-printed side have an identical texture and feel, which makes tying a bow or a knot much easier for your team and supports a consistent look.

Double sided satin comes in a range of widths

The human eye loves symmetry and proportion, so matching the width of the ribbon to the size and shape of the items being wrapped creates a stylish finished product. This ribbon is available in 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 24 mm, 36mm and 48mm widths.

Double sided satin bows beautifully

…and when the bow is pulled open, the ribbon simply melts away. This certainly adds to the theatre of unwrapping a jewellery box or a special occasion gift.


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Quality European double sided satin also cuts and finishes beautifully

Whether your look is a straight cut, angle cut or pennant cut, the end of the ribbon will look polished and will not fray.

Printed double sided satin makes a perfect partner

Printed ribbon can be matched with ribbons that have not been printed to create a special or seasonal effect. Tying a plain ribbon – of the same or a different width – in with a printed ribbon looks spectacular and is a really savvy way to create a fresh look within branding guidelines, but without investing in a large quantity of seasonal ribbon.

There are many more reasons why double sided woven edged satin ribbon always steals the show, but these are the top seven gleaned from many years of watching clients interact with the ribbon as they consider luxe promotional options for their products. Seems European touches and panache never go out of style.

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