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Custom Branded Ribbon for Rachél José

We recently printed ribbon for Rachel at Rachél José Jewellery, a Canberra based business that turns memories into jewellery. We had the opportunity to catch up with Rachel to see how she’s using her branded ribbon in her business.

Tell us a bit about what you do, Rachel…

At Rachél José Jewellery we preserve couples’ most precious memories in the form of their wedding flowers and then turn them into beautiful, high quality jewellery which they are able to wear and cherish everyday.
We work with couples right across Australia to preserve their sentimental flowers, helping them to keep a physical reminder of their most special moments, and for them to pass onto future generations.

Why did you decide to choose ribbon as part of your branding?

We have always loved the luxury feeling of opening a box tied with a beautiful ribbon bow. As such, we thought this would be the perfect addition to our couples’ experience in unwrapping such a sentimental piece of jewellery. We believe in making each couples’ experience personal and the best it can be, especially since we are working with couples so closely to preserve their wedding memories! Couples should feel special and this is why we have chosen to hand tie a beautiful bow around each couples’ individual box to hold their preserved wedding flower jewellery!

What do you love about your custom ribbon?

The quality is outstanding; the ribbon both looks and feels amazing! The printing is extremely high in quality and we found the ordering process to be very straightforward. It was great speaking with the Australian Printed Ribbon team during the design process as they were able to help us in finalising our design using their knowledge and expertise. This ensured our ribbon was absolutely perfect!

We have had so many comments from customers on how stunning our packaging looks thanks to our custom ribbon! The ribbon really ties our branding together and demonstrates the quality in workmanship we believe in.

Our customers have all commented on how they have loved unwrapping the ribbon bows we tie on their jewellery boxes. Whether it’s a surprise gift from their loved ones to commemorate their wedding day or a piece of jewellery they have purchased for themselves as a wedding keepsake, many clients have commented how they plan to re-wrap our boxes with the ribbon to keep as well!

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