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Custom Ribbon with Harry and Meghan

When Taronga Zoo launched their world class Taronga Institute of Science & Learning last October, they came to us for the custom printed ribbon (of course!) and went straight to the Palace for the scissor handlers – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Harry and Meghan). Ribbon and royals – sounds like a perfect [...]

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Why is consistent brand messaging important?

Custom packaging is a simple, visual and tactile way to ensure your customers have an experience that connects them with your brand in a meaningful way at the moment that they hold your product in their hands. It’s designed to express the personality (and values) of your brand, attract attention to and enhance your products, [...]

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In Store Visual Merchandising with Ribbon

Our Grand Opening ribbon comes in 30m and 100m rolls as standard. If you have some left over from your ribbon cutting ceremony, you can keep that on hand for the next occasion, but how about using it as part of an eye catching display in your shop instead? Here's an example of how our [...]

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How online retail businesses can use custom packaging to wow their customers

Visual merchandising is an incredibly important marketing tool for retail businesses, but for online boutiques the delivery experience is often the only time interaction with customers has the opportunity to move away from the virtual - website and social media - into a truly memorable shopping experience. Customers remember those businesses that have gone the [...]

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What awareness ribbons can do for your organisation – apart from raising money!

Search online for ‘Awareness Ribbons’ and you’ll find lists of (many!) ribbon colours and the dozens of causes associated with each one. It can be confusing when every day/week/month seems to have several causes attached to it. Some awareness ribbons are attached to specific campaigns – like Pink Ribbon Day for breast cancer or the [...]

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Put a Ribbon on it this Christmas!

It’s time to get your clients’ thinking about Christmas! With Christmas just around the corner, businesses are (or should be!) planning corporate gifts to impress clients, thank staff and acknowledge suppliers. Christmas falls at the same time every year, so we shouldn’t be surprised when it creeps up on us, but we always are! It’s [...]

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Congratulations to Taronga Zoo on 100 Years

Taronga Zoo is celebrating 100 years since opening, and they came to us at Australian Printed Ribbon for help with the Opening Ceremony of their Centenary celebrations. The requirements for us were straightforward – to supply beautifully printed ceremonial ribbon highlighting the logos of Taronga Zoo and their Centenary partner, ANZ Australia, for a ribbon [...]

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Cotton Ribbon: Natural and Fabulous!

Does your branding include words like organic, natural, and handcrafted? Our custom Cotton Ribbon might be just what you’re looking for to complete your product presentation and packaging. Our Cotton Ribbon is made from 100% Australian cotton and is printed right here in Melbourne, so you know it’s the best quality and a truly sustainable [...]

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How to submit your logo or artwork

All artwork should be emailed to sales@australianprintedribbon.com.au. Please forward any previous email correspondence with your artwork, so we have your details. We need your logo/design in an editable vector format like Adobe EPS, AI or vector PDF (we can't use JPG or PNG files). Your graphic designer will usually have supplied your logo in one [...]

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Celebrate milestones with a ribbon cutting ceremony

Congratulations! A significant milestone in your business is the perfect opportunity to celebrate for you and your staff, and a great marketing opportunity as well. An official opening ceremony is a sign that you are ready for business and an event has a better and more lasting impact than a simple press release. A well [...]

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Mother’s Day & Breast Cancer Awareness

Mother’s Day in Australia: a day to celebrate the mums in our lives, but also a day singled out to help raise money for a cancer that kills 7 women every day in Australia. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime, 47 will be diagnosed today, and 60,000 Australians are currently [...]

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Anzac Day

When I was a kid in the 1980’s, everyone thought that Anzac Day was on its way out as an important part of our culture. ‘Year after year, more old men disappear’, Eric Bogle sang, and it was accepted that it was just a matter of time until there would be no one left to [...]

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Announcing our Community Sport Program Partnership

We are proud to announce that we have joined Prahran Football Club's Community Sport Program as a corporate partner! We think it’s really important to be involved in our local community and to give back when we can, and sport is such a valuable way to teach important skills and connect kids from all backgrounds. [...]

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A Bit of Coloured Ribbon – Awareness Ribbons and Charity Ribbons

Ribbon has always been used as a symbol for fighting for something greater than yourself: from a favour from a maiden tied to a knight’s arm, to the specially woven ribbons used for medals for valour. As Napoleon is reputed to have said, “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured [...]

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Where’s William Campaign

Saturday 12 September 2015 marks exactly one year since little William Tyrrell was taken from his family. A whole year that a little boy hasn’t been cuddled by his mum and dad, hasn’t celebrated his birthday or Christmas, hasn’t been safe. We’ve all seen the photos and heard the agony in his parents’ voices, and [...]

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