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How online retail businesses can use custom packaging to wow their customers

Visual merchandising is an incredibly important marketing tool for retail businesses, but for online boutiques the delivery experience is often the only time interaction with customers has the opportunity to move away from the virtual – website and social media – into a truly memorable shopping experience.

Customers remember those businesses that have gone the extra mile – and they’ll often share an amazing packaging experience on social media, which is so valuable for your business. In fact, over 75% of shoppers will recommend products they like to their friends and followers on social media. And nearly 40% of consumers will regularly share packaging that is ‘gifty’ or ‘interesting’ on social media. These statistics show that quality, consumer-focused packaging build customer loyalty and encourages them to spread the word about your brand.

And it doesn’t have to take much money or time!

You can’t wow them with a gorgeous bricks and mortar store or in-person customer service, so it’s vital that every interaction with your customers makes them feel valued and leaves a lasting impression. Not just so they become repeat customers, but that they will become ambassadors for your brand with their friends.

Great packaging is art: designed to express the personality (and values) of your brand, attract attention to and enhance your products, and to give your customers an experience they want to share.

See how Megan Hess makes the presentation of her products an experience for her customers to savour:

What does your current packaging tell your customer about your business and your products?

It really doesn’t cost much to add a special touch like some branded ribbon or custom tissue paper, especially if you buy in quantity and reduce the per parcel cost. It can easily cost less than $1 a parcel. It’s not much when you consider how it can build you brand.

So, when you’re looking at the branding for your business and planning your marketing strategy, don’t forget the importance of visual merchandising and deliver your customers a memorable connection with your business and a reason to share your brand with others by customising the presentation of your customers’ purchases.

Bring your brand to life with personalised ribbon or custom tissue paper.

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