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Celebrate milestones with a ribbon cutting ceremony


A significant milestone in your business is the perfect opportunity to celebrate for you and your staff, and a great marketing opportunity as well. An official opening ceremony is a sign that you are ready for business and an event has a better and more lasting impact than a simple press release.

A well planned grand opening event gives you a great opportunity to hit some important goals – especially if you have a new business or have plans to expand. It can:

  • tell people who you are, where you are, and what you do;
  • get potential customers and influencers talking about you;
  • get customers and clients in the door;
  • help you build relationships with your local, state and federal politicians, local council, potential business partners.

Grand Opening Ribbon

Invite potential customers and clients, suppliers, local dignitaries and VIPs, neighbouring businesses, and the media to your grand opening. Turn it into a true celebratory event, and take the opportunity to showcase what you do. Include a tour of your new facilities, encourage audience participation, and show people what’s great about your organisation. Opening a clothing store? Hold a fashion parade. A new workshop? Demonstrate how good you are at what you do. A cafe? Distribute examples of your menu items to those present. A dance school? Hold a free performance.

And don’t forget to invite a VIP to help introduce your business to your community by cutting the grand opening ribbon. It’s a great photo opportunity and provides eye catching content for your website and social media.

Our ceremonial ribbons have been used at opening events held for universities, hospitals, new developments, manufacturing facilities, and all types of businesses and organisations, great and small around Australia. We use 10cm wide, highest quality acetate ribbon, which is easy to cut and available in a variety of colours. Red – naturally – is very popular!

We can supply:

  • rolls of plain 10cm wide grand opening ribbon,
  • 10cm wide ribbon with ‘Grand Opening’ printed along it assorted colours of ribbon and print to choose from,or
  • ribbon custom printed with your business name and logo repeated along the ribbon.

Custom printed grand opening ribbon is the most popular option –  your branding is not only front and centre at the main event, but also in all the photos of the ribbon cutting ceremony – including those published in the media.

opening ribbon

We can provide a custom printed grand opening ribbon for your event at short notice – it takes only a week or so from artwork approval to us despatching your ribbon, so you’ll have your ceremonial ribbon well before your event. You can choose from a variety of ribbon colours and we recommend using a metallic silver or gold print for your logo – it costs no extra, but gives a great finish and photographs really well. We also have beautiful gold handled, large (27cm long) scissors available to pair with your ceremonial ribbon for the perfect ribbon cutting ceremony.

If you think our grand opening ribbon can help you make your event stand out, please get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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