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Comparison Between ‘Single Sided’ and ‘Double Sided’ Satin Ribbon

Single Sided Double Sided

Q. What is the difference between ‘Single Sided’ and ‘Double Sided’ Satin Ribbon? A. The style of the ribbon itself – NOT whether it’s printed on one side or both.

Here is a comparison of Single Sided Satin Ribbon and Double Sided Satin Ribbon to help you choose your ribbon:

Single Sided Satin RibbonDouble Sided Satin Ribbon
Appearance– Shiny on one side, matt on the other (hence ‘single sided’)

– Heat sealed cut edge

– Shiny on both sides (‘double sided’)

– Very soft & luxurious feel

– Traditional woven edge

Features– Slightly cheaper

– Matt side provides good grip for bowing – especially for wider widths eg 36mm & 48mm

– Luxurious ‘upmarket’ finish

– Strong & durable

– Woven edge provide extra stability for very narrow ribbon eg 7mm & 10mm

Print QualityExcellentExcellent
PMS MatchingNoYes (10 x 100m roll minimum)
Minimum Order1 roll (100m) 1 roll (100m)

Generally we only print on one side of any sort of ribbon (though if you need both sides printed, call us for a chat), so the terms ‘single sided’ or ‘double sided’ refer to features of the ribbon itself, not what is printed on it.

Which type of satin ribbon you choose will depend on the look your branding requires and the use you have in mind.

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 Here’s Single Sided Ribbon:

And here’s Double Sided Ribbon:

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