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How to use your packaging to build brand awareness on social media

If you don’t know it by now, social media is a vital part of almost any business’s marketing plan. Not only can you use it to display your products, your business, and your brand, but over 75% of shoppers will recommend products they like to their friends and followers on social media. And why do your customers share on social media in the first place? They share to connect with others with similar interests, so their audience is likely to include potential customers.

But how does this relate to your packaging? After all, it’s your product that your customer wants, not what it’s wrapped in!

Your packaging is an opportunity to continue marketing your business and not one you should waste.

Haven’t heard of the ‘unboxing’ phenomenon? While you may think videos and photos of people opening their parcels on social media is a bit bizarre, the reality is that people LOVE sharing the experience of receiving a product and showing off what they’ve bought. Just check out the hashtag #unboxing on Instagram and imagine how your packaging could make your customers’ experiences more shareable.

Putting thought into how your packaging presents to your customer when they open their parcel is more important than ever, because nearly 40% of consumers will regularly share packaging that is ‘gifty’ or ‘interesting’ on social media.

If your business is retailing other brands, your packaging is even more important. When your customer shares a photo of the product they bought from you on Instagram – especially if they tag the brand and forget to tag you, the retailer! – having your gorgeous custom packaging included in the image is hugely valuable.

custom printed tissue paper

So what things should you consider when selecting your packaging that will make it more likely that your customer will share on social media?

Get personal.

When a parcel is individually wrapped in custom tissue paper, or tied up in a beautiful branded ribbon, it says that individual attention has been paid to this parcel. It tells the receiver that they are valued by the business and care was taken when packing their order. This personal connection creates a lasting impression for your customer. The sort of impression that is shareable. A generic cellophane packet or plastic satchel can’t do this, and certainly isn’t as photogenic!

Be consistent.

Consider the design of your packaging as a whole. Be consistent with colours and styles across your branding – including your packaging – for a unified, cohesive experience for your customer. Tissue paper printed with your brand looks bespoke and exclusive, and is another opportunity to reinforce your branding. Custom printed ribbon should echo your brand’s colours. If you want your customers to create content by sharing their purchases, a cohesive, pleasing colour palette that photographs well and reflects your branding is imperative.

Please the senses.

Don’t restrict yourself to the visual. The translucence of tissue paper can make it almost glow in the right light, giving a beautiful backdrop to products. But the silky sheen of branded satin or grosgrain ribbon just asks to be touched. And there’s nothing like the organic feel of printed cotton herringbone ribbon. Humans are tactile creatures, and you should create your packaging to please as many senses as possible. Packaging that is touchable makes the receiver linger over the opening of it, wanting the experience to last. Texture not only adds interest to a photo, but the experience will make it more shareable.

custom printed tissue paperBe screen aware.

Most of your customers experience your online business on the screen of their phone. Keep the size of the screen in mind when designing your packaging and ensure it is clear and readable. This may mean a larger design printed on tissue paper, or selecting a wider customised ribbon.

If you want to start using packaging that will enhance your brand and increase exposure on social media, get in touch today.

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